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"Funny and disturbing, much like life itself."
-Strange Horizons/David Soyka
on "Alternate Anxieties"

"a marvelous, touching example of experimental writing gone right . . .  a strong (if chaotic) emotional narrative"
           -AS if! Australian Specfic in focus/Tansy
Rayner Roberts on "Alternate Anxieties"

"this story is fantastic, delightful. . . . [it] deals with . . . death, anxiety, and wanting to make the right choices. . . .  A great read."
-Calico Reaction/Shara White on "Alternate Anxieties"

"a well-crafted merging of cultures and spirituality"
          -Tangent Online/Suzanne Church
on "Godburned"

"Karen Jordan Allen captures an outsider's experience of Mexico beautifully."
          -Locus/Nick Gevers
on "Godburned"

"a sympathetic protagonist wrestles with his inescapable fate"
          -Publisher's Weekly on
"Orqo Afloat on the Willkamayu"

"full of interesting detail about Inca life . . . the ending snaps with energy."
          -SFSite.com/Sherwood Smith on
"Orqo Afloat on the Willkamayu"

"a twistily crafted tale"
          -Amazing Stories/John C. Bunnell on
"Orqo Afloat on the Willkamayu"
"Another good read . . . A lot said in this short, visually intense story."
          -SFSite.com/Sherwood Smith on
"Rocks Under Water"

"Allen employs the brilliant metaphor of clotheslines connected around the world. . . "
          -Black Gate/David Soyka
on "Heartlines"

"a delicately written story about the cost of being human . . . a strong moral tale"
          -Tangent Online/Chris Markwyn
on "Heartlines"

"excellent showcase for Allen's talents . . . a gentle, thought-provoking homage"
          -The Market List/J. G. Stinson
on "Heartlines"

"Karen Jordan Allen creates the world's most terrifying teacher. . . "
          -Notes from the Windowsill/
Wendy E. Betts on "Mrs. Pomeroy"


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